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Ships to US and Canada | FREE Standard Shipping on Savvy Rider orders worth $200
Ships to US and Canada | FREE Standard Shipping on Savvy Rider orders worth $200

TMX5 Special Edition


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PRE-ORDER NOW! Available Nov 15, 2023

•7 Layer Carbon-Ceramic Drag system.
•4 Times the strength of single-layer cork drag systems
•Max drag power : 34lb
•Fully CNC Machined aluminum body, handles, spool, and components.
•Improved Machined Paddle Handles
•Upgraded drag knob, larger circumference & height for easy drag adjustments. •Increased spool porting & venting, ensuring your line dries out quickly to prolong line life
•5 Year unconditional warranty, all service free of charge

Carbon Ceramic Composite

- an advanced material previously employed in high-performance vehicles like Lamborghini’s and Ferrari’s

What sets the TMX5 SE apart?

This difference is most visible in comparison to single-layer cork drag systems which have been ubiquitous in mooching reels for decades. These drag systems lack the pure power, maxing out at 14lb in our testing. In order to keep this elastic material serviceable, it must be soaked in oil – which causes a new gambit of issues. Line creep is the bane of salmon anglers across the west coast, and it is an inevitability in single layer drag systems, especially in those which employ the use of natural and composite cork materials.

All in all, our drag system, with multi-layered Carbon Ceramic Composite system, caps out at an astonishing 34lbs of drag strength. This totals to a near 150% increase of overall drag strength, along with the numerous benefits that this system provides.

TMX SE Features

  • Get a Grip - We’ve increased the size & height of the drag knob from the standard sizing of the TMX5, along with improved machining to get a better grip. The drag knob is capped off to ensure protection from saltwater intrusion to the interior of the reel itself
  • Handles, the Best of Both Worlds - Our custom machined paddle handles are one of a kind, with machining on the handling surface to ensure a tight grip. We’ve beefed up these handles to handle hardcore use for the life of the reel
  • Efficient Heat Dissipation - Rapid heat dissipation is a hallmark of carbon ceramic brake discs. This property prevents overheating, contributing to consistent braking performance even during prolonged battles with trophy catches
  • Improved porting - Increased porting on the spool and line bed allows your line to dry off during storage, and keeps your reel safe from saltwater encroachment. Your line will last much longer, and we have the added benefit of lowering the overall weight of the reel itself
  • Warranty Coverage - We stand by our quality and care put into designing the TMX5 Special Edition. Your reel will be eligible for lifetime servicing at no charge, with a 10-year warranty on any defects or manufacturing errors. Included in your service coverage is 5 years of free drag washer replacements (not including commercial use)
  • Amplified Braking Power - Carbon ceramic brake discs offer formidable braking force, surpassing that of traditional Cork brake materials by 150%. This enhanced braking power provides anglers with greater control and responsiveness when you need it most