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Ships to US and Canada | FREE Shipping on orders worth $200

Mac Jig Aquamatic

Colour: Aquamatic
Quantity Per Pack: 1
Size: 2.7" / 7cm
Weight: 1oz/28g

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Amundson’s Mac Jigs are for shallow to medium-deep water, all triple- coated with glow and UV paint. These lures are designed to mimic a wounded fish and when jigged or cast, will turn and flip in the water due to its weight and bent profile. Each variation of the lures has a specific shape, weight as well as bend/twist in the tail to ensure they roll like wounded fish. This will create a predatory response from any fish in the area as it flutters around. Very effective on halibut, lingcod, rockfish, and a number of other bottom fish, it also works very effectively for salmon jigging as well.

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