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Ships to US and Canada | FREE Standard Shipping on Savvy Rider orders worth $200
Ships to US and Canada | FREE Standard Shipping on Savvy Rider orders worth $200

Trend Flow 5 Mooching Reel


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  • Die-cast frame with reinforcing cross-beam supports. Powder coated in a Grey or Black finish.
  • 7-layer Multi-layer drag system, with carbon graphite washers – absolutely no line creep.
  • Custom Soft-touch textured paddle handles for excellent comfort & grip
  • Self-lubricating center post, ensuring consistent performance
Available Feb 2024

Introducing the New TF5!

The Trend Flow, our brand-new mooching reel design is targeted towards the everyday angler. It’s design is focused on enduring our rugged and unforgiving fishery. The spool & frame of the reel are a cast aluminum construction, with additional support beams on the frame and spool to give strength to the reel itself. In addition, we’ve redesigned our paddle handles to have a soft, textured feel for ultimate grip and comfort. The next boon is the CNC machined drag knob which has been sized up and given improved texture to easily set and alter your drag pressure.

The Trend Flow 5 Mooching Reel

With cast aluminum construction, we’ve managed to make a more cost-effective reel with the same industry leading patented multi-layer drag system as the TMX 5 that thousands of anglers enjoy daily. Available in two powder-coated colours, in spring 2024.

  1. Cross-beam supports
  2. CNC Machined Drag Knob
  3. Soft, Textured Paddle handles