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Mega Jig head Swim Shads (2 tails/pack)

Colour: Herring Aide
Quantity Per Pack: 1 + 1 Spare
Quantity Per Pack: 1 + 1 Spare
Size: 4" / 10cm
Weight: 4/5 oz /

Amundson offers a selection of soft-tailed and hard-bodied saltwater jigs for salmon, cod and halibut. Suitable for shallow to medium-deep water, all are triple-coated with glow and UV paint for durability. Jigs are designed to imitate a wounded baitfish and will flutter and flip in the water as they are pulled up and down. Each hard jig variation has a specific shape, weight, as well as bend and twist in the tail that ensure they roll like wounded fish. This will create a predatory response from any fish in the area as it flutters around.

Premium quality, engineered performance at an affordable price

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